Forwarded with permission. This looks like an interesting talk with a
member of Facebook's data science team looking at disaster mapping and
recovery, hosted by CSDE.
-Matt J.

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Please join us for next week’s talk by Zack Almquist on Disaster Maps and
Displaced Populations.  Dr. Almquist is a research scientist and
demographer at Facebook.
Population Research Discovery Seminars
Disaster Maps and a Survey Comparison of Displaced Populations in the
Cyclone Fani Region 6 Months after Landfall

Zack Almquist, Research Scientist, Demography and Survey Sciences Group,

12:30-1:30 PM PT
121 Raitt Hall <!/rai>

Zack Almquist is a Research Scientist in the Demography and Survey Sciences
group at Facebook. From 2013-2018 he was an Assistant Professor of
Sociology and Statistics at the University of Minnesota. In 2017-2018 he
was a Visiting Scholar at the Graduate School of Education at Stanford
University. Almquist’s research interests include social network analysis,
big data, computational social sciences, mathematical sociology, spatial
analysis, demography, sociology of education, environmental policy, public
health, and human judgment and decision-making. His main research focus is
on understanding, modeling, and predicting the effects that space
(geography) and time have on human interaction (e.g., communication,
friendship, mentorship, needle sharing, etc.) and social processes (e.g.,
information passing, knowledge acquisition, skill development, disease
transmission, etc.).

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