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*When*: today, 12pm-1pm
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*Who*: Hamid Mehmood

*Title*: Towards Digitization of Collaborative Savings Among Low-Income

Author List:
Hamid Mehmood, Tallal Ahmad, Lubna Razaq, Shrirang Mare, Maryam Zafar,
Richard Anderson, Agha Ali Raza

*Abstract: *
Rotating Savings and Credit Association (ROSCA) is a mechanism of informal
collaborative savings that is widely used across the globe. Despite its
popularity and prevalence, it is not well-studied from HCI and CSCW
perspectives. The global increase in mobile penetration has created
opportunities to serve the unbanked using mobile-based Digital Financial
Services (DFS) for greater financial inclusion but there have not been any
DFS-based interventions around ROSCAs. We report a qualitative study
involving 80 individuals to understand the dynamics of ROSCAs and
opportunities for their digitization in the Pakistani context. We also
present a smartphone-based Digital ROSCA platform designed on top of a
simulated mobile money system. The platform was designed to be inclusive
towards low-literate users. We present qualitative findings of its
evaluation with 15 users (3 individual ROSCA groups). We find that
digitization has the potential to support and strengthen traditional ROSCAs
by mitigating issues like record-keeping, delayed payments, collection,
distribution, and safety of money. It also allows the creation of payment
history for individuals that can be used to score their financial

*About the Speaker:*
Hamid Mehmood works as a Research Associate at ITU Fintech Center Lahore,
Pakistan. His research interests include Human Computer Interaction, Human
Centered Design and ICTs for Development. He completed his Masters in
Computer Science from Information Technology University, Lahore in 2017. He
is a member of International Development and Innovation Network (IDIN) at
MIT's DLab and have attended several design summits. Hamid has published
his research work to CSCW, ICTD and COMPASS.

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