Hi Sahil --

Sorry for the delayed response.  A good starting point for Polly-based
study of Chapel might be our ports of the PRK Stencil benchmark which
lives in this directory:


I'm suggesting this one because my understanding is that stencils are ripe for polyhedral optimization as in systems like Polly, because it's fairly
simple, and because it's a community benchmark (see more about the PRK
suite here:



Best of luck with your GSoC application,

On Wed, 28 Mar 2018, SAHIL GIRISH YERAWAR via Chapel-developers wrote:

Hi all

I am Sahil Yerawar, 3rd Year Btech Student at IIT-Hyderabad. I have
submitted the proposal "Compiling Chapel with LLVM/Polly" to Polly Labs for
GSoC 2018 and wish to initiate the work soon enough.

I have been spending time learning about Polly and how it works on LLVM IR
and will continue the process for some more time.

In addition to this pathway, I would also like to parallelly explore the
kernels i.e specific code snippets which are commonly used in the area of
High-Performance Computing. I believe that targeting these kernels and
enabling them to be recognized by Polly would be a more structured way to
approach this problem.

I would like to know from the Chapel-Dev Community about some instances of
these kernels in order to initiate a study of some kernels beforehand.
Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Thanking you
Sahil Yerawar
Department of Computer Science
IIT Hyderabad
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