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>Over on issue #7847, we've found ourselves having a somewhat similar
>discussion though it started from a different perspective.  Specifically
>in this comment:
>       https://github.com/chapel-lang/chapel/issues/7847#issuecomment-365953440
>you'll see that Michael Ferguson has proposed using directories to at 
>least support some degree of having the directory serve as a parent module 
>and the files within it acting as sub-modules within that module (you'll 
>also see that I'm not a huge fan of this proposal, as I don't really like 
>program semantics to be determined by source location within a file 

The problem I see with using the filesystem is that it works on the
assumption you have access to the filesystem to implement it.

While I am not up to date certainly what I have read and experienced
is that iOS (and Android?) work hard to hide the filesystem from both
the user and presumably the apps.

While programming Chapel on iOS may not be feasible today, can anyone
really say now that it won't be in the future, or that any future OS
won't do the same thing?

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