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Date: Aug 19, 2013 9:01 AM
Subject: Village Parents Found kitty
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Hi All,

This sweet kitty, who we've affectionately nicknames Ms. Gray, has been
living underneath our porch on E. 31st street for over two months now.  She
has a collar with a bell and is one of the sweetest kitties you will ever
meet.  Her owner apparently got sick and no longer lives in her old place,
effectively abandoning her.  My roommates and I, as well as several
neighbors, have been helping to make sure she's fed and has water, but she
deserves a real home and a family.  We are looking into no-kill shelters
but would love to find her someone in the neighborhood since many families
and individuals have met her while walking by over the last few months.  If
you are interested in adopting her or know someone who may be, or have
tips/contacts at a no-kill shelter that has space to take her, please let
me know.  We already have a few cats in our house and can't add any more
but want to make sure she finds somewhere.




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