1. CVCA Traffic Calming/Pedestrian Safety committee meeting   on Monday 
October 14 at 6:30 pm at 2434 St. Paul Street to review community input 
gathered on the DOT's plans to extend the Purple Line of the Charm City 
Circulator, DOT's responses to, and status of, the 2012 CVCA Traffic 
Calming/Pedestrian Safety List of Requests, our plans to update the 2012 List 
at the end of 2013 with comments collected in 2013, CVCA requests made to DOT 
as a result of Traffic Calming/Pedestrian Safety issues which have arisen as a 
result of Charles Street Reconstruction, and the status of our requests to add 
pedestrian lighting  vs. tree trimming as a way to increase available lighting. 
 RSVP to ; 


    1. CVCA Safety Committee meeting on Thursday, October 17th at 6 pm at 2434 
St. Paul Street to discuss CVCBD Courtwatch Program, CVCA “Light Up the Night” 
Program, scheduled Community Halloween Activities, and Neighborhood Walkers on 
Patrol.  RSVP to . 

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