I received an email, ostensibly from Verizon wireless, telling me that my credit card has been rejected and that I must click on an address to give correct information or I will lose my service.

It so happens that I do not have Verizon wireless. The email is an obvious phishing attempt. The subject of the email was: "Verizon Notification ID : XKCXDKGXPV"

I looked on the Verizon web site for a way to notify Verizon, but "Contact us" only told how to ask about billing or buy something.

I tried earlier to forward the email to the discussion and chat lists with a warning about it, and Verizon DSL blocked it as "spam." Actually, it is probably just as well to delete the email so as not to have the web address it asks people to click to since on never knows whether that web address will install a virus.

All I can say is be careful. There are a lot of scams out there. Do not ever give out a credit card number using a link in an email.


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