Hey CVers,

Just wanted to spread the word about a few great Community Supported
Agriculture options this season. You pay a lump sum up front to help the
farmer out and get a weekly subscription of local produce all summer long -
it's a great way to eat fresh, healthy food.

We are hosting a CSA pick-up right at our front porch (2700 block of
Guilford) on Thursday evenings for our friends' farm in Monkton, MD -
Little Gunpowder Farm -

There are also several urban farms with great CSA options:
Whitelock Community Farm in Reservoir Hill - http://whitelockfarm.org/csa/
Real Food Farm in Lake Clifton - http://www.realfoodfarm.org/get-food/csa/
Five Seeds Farm in Belair-Edison and Sparks, MD -

Just note that all of these will probably fill up in early spring so be
sure to reserve your spot in time. Happy seasonal eating! -Maya

Maya Kosok
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