I'm cleaning out the basement and want to get rid of a few items I was saving 
for future projects........but I've run out of energy and these Charles Village 
treasures are up for sale.  If you are interested, email me off list about 
them.  I'd like to get rid of them soon or they go to Second Chance. 

1. Charles Village oak fireplace mantel @ 1900-1905. It's a double mantel, 
about 5 ft. wide and 7 ft. tall; two levels with an open space for a mirror in 
the middle; nice columns hold up the lower mantel shelf and upper mantel shelf. 
 It's painted white now and has seen some hard times........which means it 
needs a lot of TLC.  A couple of parts are broken off but easily reattached.  
There is an old mirror that would fit it but it has a broken off corner.  $250 
or best offer.  They sell at Second Chance for a lot more. 

2. Tin ceiling sections.  These 17 sections are 24 inches x 45 inches with @ 6 
inches square pattern. They came out of a CV kitchen and are enough of them to 
do a kitchen. They have chipped paint and some cracked spots. $10 a sheet or 
best offer for all of them.  

3. A very solid wood swinging door with opaque glass in the top panel.  79 
inches x 39 1/2 inches. Probably for a kitchen.  $150.00 or best offer.

4. 1 1/2 pocket door panels.  Sorry, but someone must have cut one panel in 
half to remove it.  Oak or Chestnut. 95 1/2 inches x 30 inches; the cut one is 
20 inches wide.   $ 200.00 or best offer.


Karen Morley
kdmorley at yahoo dot com
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