Emil, et al.   I recently made the switch from Verizon to T Mobile and
regret it.  Yes, it's cheaper than Verizon (though for the amount of data
and phones my son and I use, not by that much).

The service is simply nowhere near as comprehensive as Verizon's  and the
signals aren't as strong.  I frequently find that I have no or only one bar
in my travels around the Baltimore/Washington area.  And if you travel
outside the area...service disappears in many areas.

One thing I did not realize when I made the switch is that you can
essentially do a similar deal with Verizon as with TMobile, in terms of
purchasing phone separately from the contract.  I only  found this out I
cancelled with Verizon, when it was clear they were willing to negotiate
and make some accommodations to keep my business. For me, it was too
late...but if you or anyone else is contemplating the switch, I'd see what
Verizon will do for you first.

Melissa B
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