This weekend, I was visited by a man who said he was with the company that
supplied my gas via BGE, and wanted to offer me the option to extend my
contract at the lower prices which I had been receiving and were about to
run out.  This sounded off to me and when I asked some questions I couldn't
get a really satisfactory answer, but acknowledge that it may have been in
part because
I actually wasn't at home and conducted this conversation with him via
phone.    One thing I did understand was that he said he needed to see one
of my last bills, to confirm that I was, in fact, eligible for the lower
rates...something I found extremely suspicious.

He finally got tired of my questions and I suspect decided to hunt for
easier prey elsewhere.  But I'm wondering if anyone else in the
neighborhood has encountered these folks and if anyone can confirm my
suspicion that, if not an outright scam, this was a fast-talking sales
pitch to get me to sign up for some other gas supplier?

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