i've had tmobile for years and always found coverage to be fine.  i'm in
the 2600 block of guilford....  I don't have a landline and sometimes you
can get in to trouble going from back to front of house as the phone wants
to swap towers but most of time i have a decent cell and strong data
signal.  the data signal IS stronger if the phone is near a window  (cell
reception less affected by this).  It doesn't work in my basement.

riding the hopkins bus to the JH hospital, there are parts between north
ave and penn where the signal gets week or disappears for a block.  it
disappears again briefly as you hit rt40 (near where you cross i83).  I
used to have similar patchy spots driving down Greenmount ave to JH
hospital but these seemed to have worked themselves out in recent years.
 If i'm in fells point and far out near the harbor, say in the building at
1000 thames street, I don't get a very good signal.  its fine really if I
go outside though I'm not certain it would work on the water taxi

if you travel, tmobile has great service/costs internationally.  within the
us, if you stay on or near a highway, you will have coverage.. get too far
from a highway in certain parts of the country your coverage might not be
so good

i went to Sprint and couldn't  wait to get out of the contract.. i did wait
so as to avoid a penalty but i went back to tmobile as soon as I could

my folks have verizon and live in rural america (middle ohio) and have
coverage everywhere-- their coverage is better and they pay through the
nose for it.  i hear the same w/ at&t.. better network but .. whoa on the
bill.  if you need coverage EVERYWHERE, pay the extra $500 a year and go w/
verizon.  if you can live w/ service 98% of the time, give tmobile a try...
they have no contract plans right now that can't be beat.
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