I get the owner would be responsible if s/he requested a tree. I didn't.
The city showed up, spray painted the sidewalk, dug a tree pit (and left it
for weeks), then planted two bald cypress trees.

What about folks who can't maintain for physical reasons?

Surely I cannot be responsible for all of alley. Hence calling 311 for the
multiple illegal dumping incidents.

We shovel every winter and keep the gutter clear for drainage. I pick up
trash daily; often from my yard despite the no dumping sign I bought and
hung after the city refused.

But again *I didn't ask for a tree*  Why should I have pay for city water
rates to water it? And mulch and weed? I already pay property tax and the
CVCBD surtax for trash services.

If I own the sidewalk and am responsible for maintenance, then why can the
tree be planted without my permission and then care be designated to me?

I'm sure this comes off as curmudgeonly but I'm already cleaning my front
and rear yards because people throw trash on the ground and over our fence
-- including drug paraphernalia. I already weed along the alley to
discourage rats.
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