Hi all:  I've recently sold my home in the 2600 block of Calvert St. and
the young man who has been house-sitting for me while I was traveling for
the last several months now needs to find someplace else to live while he
completes his MS in biotechnology.  He's mature (27), polite,
*incredibly* responsible,
a pet lover, almost compulsively neat and both very organized and very
willing to help.  He's taken care of the garden for me, arranged to meet
various workmen and others who needed access to my home, prepped my home
for the sale, packing up and staging the home,  and undertaken big cleaning
and organization projects.

Now he needs to find a new house sitting gig or perhaps a reasonably priced
room to rent. He works long hours at the JHU biotech lab and doesn't spend
a lot of time at home. Often on weekends, he's visiting friends and family
in nearby northern Va. Oh, and did I mention he is a Cordon Bleu-trained
chef?  You might be able to get him to prepare a meal or two.  In short, I
cannot recommend him more highly and would very much like to ensure he
lands on his feet after helping me out so much this summer.

If you know of anything, please contact him directly at paulja...@gmail.com
or 262 490 0091 or email me at macn...@gmail.com.


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