Changeset: bcc430e78d4c for MonetDB
Modified Files:
Branch: Mar2018
Log Message:

revert undocumented change of changeset 770e047b548c: "tab" -> "tsv" -> "tab"

changeset 770e047b548c changed the name of mclient's tabular / tab-separated
output formatter from "tab" to "tsv" without either documenting this
change in the checkin message or updating any related documentation
(--help messages, manpage) accordingly.

To fix bug 6534, I herewith revert that change, i.e., mclient's
tabular / tab-seperated output formatter is now again called "tab"
as it used to be and as all documentation still claims.

(If you prefer "tsv" over "tab" after all, please feel free to change that
 correctly and consistently in all code, documentation and test output.)

diffs (12 lines):

diff --git a/clients/mapiclient/mclient.c b/clients/mapiclient/mclient.c
--- a/clients/mapiclient/mclient.c
+++ b/clients/mapiclient/mclient.c
@@ -1696,7 +1696,7 @@ setFormatter(const char *s)
                } else
                        separator = strdup(s + 4);
                csvheader = 1;
-       } else if (strcmp(s, "tsv") == 0) {
+       } else if (strcmp(s, "tab") == 0) {
                formatter = CSVformatter;
                separator = strdup("\t");
        } else if (strcmp(s, "raw") == 0) {
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