Changeset: 4c6f85035da9 for MonetDB
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Branch: Mar2018
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Make code compatible with test and approve test.

diffs (55 lines):

diff --git a/clients/Tests/exports.stable.out b/clients/Tests/exports.stable.out
--- a/clients/Tests/exports.stable.out
+++ b/clients/Tests/exports.stable.out
@@ -365,6 +365,8 @@ BAT *VIEWcreate(oid seq, BAT *b);
 BAT *VIEWcreate_(oid seq, BAT *b, int stable);
 size_t _MT_npages;
 size_t _MT_pagesize;
+const union _dbl_nil_t _dbl_nil_;
+union _flt_nil_t _flt_nil_;
 ssize_t batFromStr(const char *src, size_t *len, bat **dst);
 ssize_t batToStr(str *dst, size_t *len, const bat *src);
 ssize_t bitFromStr(const char *src, size_t *len, bit **dst);
@@ -375,7 +377,7 @@ const bte bte_nil;
 int closedir(DIR *dir);
 ssize_t dblFromStr(const char *src, size_t *len, dbl **dst);
 ssize_t dblToStr(str *dst, size_t *len, const dbl *src);
-NANCONST dbl dbl_nil;
+const dbl dbl_nil;
 char *dirname(char *path);
 int dlclose(void *handle);
 char *dlerror(void);
@@ -385,7 +387,7 @@ size_t escapedStr(char *restrict dst, co
 size_t escapedStrlen(const char *restrict src, const char *sep1, const char 
*sep2, int quote);
 ssize_t fltFromStr(const char *src, size_t *len, flt **dst);
 ssize_t fltToStr(str *dst, size_t *len, const flt *src);
-NANCONST flt flt_nil;
+const flt flt_nil;
 geomcatalogfix_fptr geomcatalogfix_get(void);
 void geomcatalogfix_set(geomcatalogfix_fptr);
 geomsqlfix_fptr geomsqlfix_get(void);
diff --git a/gdk/gdk_atoms.h b/gdk/gdk_atoms.h
--- a/gdk/gdk_atoms.h
+++ b/gdk/gdk_atoms.h
@@ -109,15 +109,17 @@ gdk_export const int int_nil;
 /* Definition of NAN is seriously broken on Intel compiler (at least
  * in some versions), so we work around it. */
-gdk_export const union _flt_nil_t {
+union _flt_nil_t {
        uint32_t l;
        flt f;
-} _flt_nil_;
+gdk_export union _flt_nil_t _flt_nil_;
 #define flt_nil (_flt_nil_.f)
-gdk_export const union _dbl_nil_t {
+union _dbl_nil_t {
        uint64_t l;
        dbl d;
-} _dbl_nil_;
+gdk_export const union _dbl_nil_t _dbl_nil_;
 #define dbl_nil (_dbl_nil_.d)
 gdk_export const flt flt_nil;
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