Changeset: 4baf3dbb32b3 for MonetDB
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Branch: Mar2018
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manually fixed "Manual update" (changeset ebcf8361248f)

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diff --git a/clients/Tests/ b/clients/Tests/
--- a/clients/Tests/
+++ b/clients/Tests/
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
 # test the URI parsing capabilities of the MAPI library
-Mlog "mclient -d 
mapi:monetdb://$HOST:$MAPIPORT/$TSTDB?language=sql&user=monetdb -f test -t 
none-E utf-8 -s select 1"
+Mlog "mclient -d 
mapi:monetdb://$HOST:$MAPIPORT/$TSTDB?language=sql&user=monetdb -f test -t none 
-E utf-8 -s select 1"
 mclient -d "mapi:monetdb://$HOST:$MAPIPORT/$TSTDB?language=sql&user=monetdb" 
-f test -E utf-8 -s 'select 1'
 Mlog "mclient -d 
 -f test -t none -E utf-8 -s select 1"
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