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 # ChangeLog file for devel
 # This file is updated with Maddlog
+* Wed Feb 14 2018 Stefan Manegold <>
+- mclient's executing time profiling options and output format have
+  been changed. Instead of implicitly via the "--interactive"/"-i"
+  option (or when using and interactive mclient console), execution time
+  profiling is now controlled via an explicit "--timer=timermode"/"-t
+  timermode" command-line option, or a "\t timermode" command in the
+  interactive mclient console. The default (also in the interactive
+  mclient console) is now timermode "none", i.e., no timing information
+  is given. Timermode "clock" activates client-side wall-clock timing
+  ("clk") in "human-friendly" format much like the interactive mode did
+  before. Timermode "performance" also provides detailed server-side
+  timings: "sql" is the time to parse the SQL query, optimize the
+  logical relational plan and create the initial physical (MAL) plan;
+  "opt" is the time to optimize the physical (MAL) plan; "run" is the
+  time to execute the physical (MAL) plan. With timermode "performance"
+  all server-side timings and the client-side wall-clock time are given
+  in milliseconds (ms). Note that the client-measured wall-clock time
+  "clk" is reported per query only when options "--interactive" or
+  "--echo" are used, because only then does mclient send individual
+  lines (statements) of the SQL script to the server. Otherwise, mclient
+  sends the SQL script in large(r) batch(es) to the server, and, thus,
+  only the total wall-clock time per batch is measured and reported. The
+  server-measured detailed performance timings "sql", "opt", "run" are
+  always measured and reported per query. Also, all timing information
+  is now given on a separate line and set to stderr rather than stdout.
 * Fri Feb  9 2018 Sjoerd Mullender <>
 - Some types and constants were moved from configure (and hence
   monetdb_config.h) to gdk.h.  In particular, the types "lng" and
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