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Branch: configurable_working_set
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Add boolean test and put everything in lower cases.

diffs (44 lines):

diff --git a/sql/test/configurable_rss/Tests/push_and_check_rss.sql 
--- a/sql/test/configurable_rss/Tests/push_and_check_rss.sql
+++ b/sql/test/configurable_rss/Tests/push_and_check_rss.sql
@@ -1,28 +1,30 @@
 create function getrss() 
-returns BIGINT external name status.rss_cursize;
+returns bigint external name status.rss_cursize;
 create function getvm() 
-returns BIGINT external name status.mem_cursize;
+returns bigint external name status.mem_cursize;
 create table test(a int, b int, c double);
-insert into test VALUES (1, 0, 1);
+insert into test values (1, 0, 1);
 create procedure loop_insert(maximum_size bigint)
-    declare size BIGINT;
+    declare size bigint;
     set size = (select count(*) from test);
-    WHILE size < maximum_size DO
+    while size < maximum_size do
         insert into test (select a+1, b+2, rand()*c from test);
         set size = (select count(*) from test);
+    end while;
 call loop_insert(10000000);
--- It seems that it requires an analytical query to keep memory in RAM.
+-- it seems that it requires an analytical query to keep memory in ram.
 select count(*) as record_count from test;
-select getrss() as resident_set_size, getvm() as virtual_memory_size;
+select getrss() as resident_set_size;
+select getrss() < 70000 as resident_set_size_is_less_then_70kbytes;
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