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diff --git a/clients/ChangeLog.Mar2018 b/clients/ChangeLog.Mar2018
--- a/clients/ChangeLog.Mar2018
+++ b/clients/ChangeLog.Mar2018
@@ -27,6 +27,6 @@
 - Add a new pretty printing option to stethoscope
   Running stethoscope with the flag -j will produce not pretty printed
   output (one json object per line). Running with the -y flag will produce
-  pretty printed output. Running with neither, wiil produce the legacy,
+  pretty printed output. Running with neither will produce the legacy,
   line oriented format
diff --git a/monetdb5/ChangeLog.Mar2018 b/monetdb5/ChangeLog.Mar2018
--- a/monetdb5/ChangeLog.Mar2018
+++ b/monetdb5/ChangeLog.Mar2018
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
 * Wed Aug 23 2017 Martin Kersten <>
 - The EXPLAIN command now shows all the MAL type resolutions, because in
   general users may not be aware of their signatures.  It also simplifies
-  programs to analyse such plans.
+  programs to analyze such plans.
 * Sat Aug 19 2017 Sjoerd Mullender <>
 - Implemented versions of group.(sub)group(done) that don't return
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