Hi Joerg

just a curiosity: In my knowledge, virt appliance requires a subscription that 
should give access to the official support. Isn't it?

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Data: 15/09/2016 18.03

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Ogg: [Check_mk (english)] Problem sending Slack notification via        


Hi there,
I’m running a 1.8.p6 virt appliance and i have activated a slack notification 
out of he treasures directory example.
It was copied to local/share/check_mk/notifications, chmod 755 and modified the 
webhook keys etc.
When I try to send a notification from comandline everything is just fine, but 
sending out of check_mk appliance will fail with a timeout.
When I try to send the command out of notify.log it will work, too.
Has anyone an idea?
Best regards,
Joerg Middendorf

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