ok Joerg it was just a curiosity.

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Ogg: Re: R: [Check_mk (english)] Problem sending Slack notification via 

I'm evaluating at the moment the appliance. So there is no support at the 
moment. But it would be great if someone can test it in his appliance just to 
be sure that there is a global issue. 

Best regards,

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Hi Joerg

just a curiosity: In my knowledge, virt appliance requires a subscription that 
should give access to the official support. Isn't it?

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Ogg: [Check_mk (english)] Problem sending Slack notification via appliance


Hi there,
I’m running a 1.8.p6 virt appliance and i have activated a slack notification 
out of he treasures directory example.
It was copied to local/share/check_mk/notifications, chmod 755 and modified the 
webhook keys etc.
When I try to send a notification from comandline everything is just fine, but 
sending out of check_mk appliance will fail with a timeout.
When I try to send the command out of notify.log it will work, too.
Has anyone an idea?
Best regards,
Joerg Middendorf

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