I'm currently using the mk_logwatch plugin in order to monitor a few

I have a scenario where, in certain cirumstances in our environment,
multiple Check_MK servers monitor the same hosts.  In that instance, the
logwatch.state file, which contains an offset of the monitored logs so it
can keep tabs on where it has last read the files, needs to be Check_MK
server specific.  Otherwise two different instances will be updating the
same logwatch.state and creating a race condition.

I was about to modify the mk_logwatch script myself when I discovered the
functionality is built-in.  Here's a snippet w/ line numbers of mk_logwatch:

 66 # Determine the name of the state file
 67 # $REMOTE set                   -> logwatch.state.$REMOTE
 68 # $REMOTE not set and a tty     -> logwatch.state.local
 69 # $REMOTE not set and not a tty -> logwatch.state

All this to ask, how do I set REMOTE?  (1.2.8p9)  Where is this, or should
this be, inherited from?

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