Is there any way (with using 1.2.6p12 on OMD) to inventory switchport aliases 
NOT matching a value?

The rule would be Network Interface and Switch Port Discovery > Match interface 
alias (regex)

Now, the help does state: Only discover interfaces whose alias matches one of 
the configured regular expressions. The match is done on the beginning of the 
alias. This allows you to select interfaces based on the alias without having 
the alias be part of the service description.

That aside, I was wondering if anyone had success (I have not) matching 
anything with a NOT rule?

As in, inventory everything that is NOT value X.

So if we named a port with a description OR alias, it would inventory.  But if 
it was a standard port that was UP, but the name was left as the default, it 
will not show up in the services inventory.

Anyone successfully performed this?

Doing something simple like ^(?!Interface).* doesn’t work for me.  Since so 
many names simply start with the default Interface word, I figured if I renamed 
a port to something like “Uplink to device x” I may be able to see that only 
those would show up in the inventoried services.

It doesn’t work for me, but that doesn’t mean someone else hasn’t had more luck 
than myself, or a better idea.


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