Aside from that advantage that Robert mentioned, I think the MRPE's
intention isn't to compete with the local checks but instead to make the
Nagios plugins (NRPE) easier to integrate into check_mk.  That's what I use
it for.  I have local checks for things I wrote (mostly simpler things), I
use MRPE for the Nagios plugins brought over from when we were using
Icinga, and big/complex checks that I look for on the Nagios Exchange and
places like that.

I suppose another advantage of the MRPE system is that it uses a
centralized config for the host being monitored (/etc/check_mk/mrpe.cfg)
where one configures the plugins along with the parameters for those

As an aside, I modified the check_mk_agent script slightly so that it also
looks at config files within /etc/check_mk/mrpe.d (similar to how the
sudoers.d works); this made it a little bit cleaner and easier to integrate
with configuration management automation (eg.
/etc/check_mk/mrpe.d/check_postgres.cfg for only some hosts that have
Postgres, a general /etc/check_mk/mrpe.cfg for every host for general

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Thanks Robert I didn't know that. correct to say that "local
checks" is
the preferred method over MRPE? Or are there special case in which MRPE is
still better?

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>> apart the fact that they use a different mechanism, is there any good
>> reason or case for which I should use one of them?
>Local checks can be placed in numeric subdirectories. This way they are
>run asynchronously which is not possible with MRPE.
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