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Hi guys,

i try to monitor hp raid with mrpe via check_mk_agent 1.2.8p12 with
I have powershell script that run hpacucli.exe and parsing it's output.
With check_mk_agent 1.2.6p16 it's working perfect.
With new check_mk agent 1.2.8pX it's return "ERROR: Cannot open console"
When i'm run check_mk agent 1.2.8pX with debug argument - it's working.
Right now , workaround - write hpacucli.exe output to file via windows task
scheduler and parse this txt file.

Is it bug or may be i did mistake somewhere?

Source Code
$array_config_util = "c:\hp\Bin\hpacucli.exe"
try {
 $exec = &  $array_config_util  'ctrl all show config'
#write-host !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#Write-Output $exec
catch {
Write-Host "Problem checking array status)"
exit 3
# filter results for lines that talk about drives (physicaldrive,
# and do not end with "OK":
$not_OK = $exec | Where-Object { $_ -like "*drive*" } | Where-Object { $_
-notlike "*OK*)" }
#write-output "<<<>>>"
#write-output $not_OK
if ($not_OK.length -lt 1) {
Write-Host "Array status appears OK"
exit 0
Write-Host "Array status not OK; please check RAID software"
exit 2
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