Ok, thanks for the excellent explanation

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>Data: 16/10/2016 13.40
>A: "ml...@libero.it"<ml...@libero.it>, <checkmk-en@lists.mathias-kettner.de>
>Ogg: Re: [Check_mk (english)] R: Re: difference between local checks and MRPE
>Hi Marco,
>I think it is really up to you which method you prefer.
>If you use MRPE, you need to follow the Nagios plugin development
>guidelines. Of course you can also use all available monitoring plugin
>that are built for Nagios (Nagios exchange and monitoring-plugins.org).
>In NRPE the output of plugins is limited to 1024 bytes (if there are
>more, they are lost in transmission). I'm not sure if Check_MK has this
>limitation as well. My guess it that MRPE has been introduced as a
>replacement for NRPE checks, only to overcome the problem of having
>Nagios/Icinga schedule active checks for every NRPE check. A limitation
>here is that you have to hard-code your thresholds in mrpe.cfg for
>(almost) all plugins.
>If you use local checks, you need to conform to different guidelines for
>your plugin output. As stated before, you can limit execution of local
>checks to once every n seconds by placing your scripts in
>subdirectories. You *can* have Nagios plugins run this way, but you'll
>have to write a wrapper for them, as these plugin use their exit code to
>report the status of the check, while local checks report them in the
>output line.
>MRPE checks are configured in a single file by default (mrpe.cfg), and
>therefore have all threshold configured in a single place. Using local
>checks, you can set up configuration any way you see fit. You can write
>your plugins to look a single configuration file, a set of configuration
>files, hard-code thresholds in your script or have thresholds calculated
>based on the information you're processing. Your method of choice may
>also depend on the type of data you want to set up monitoring for.
>My personal preference for developing plugin is to use local checks, but
>in the end I think it's entirely up to you which method you prefer.
>Do note though, that Check_MK doesn't support whitespace in the service
>names for local checks. For MRPE this support was added with werk #2937
>[1]. However, the change that allowed this was quite simple, so I
>created a patch [2] to also add this support for local checks. This
>patch hasn't been picked up by the Check_MK guys though, so it's
>currently unsupported by them.
>[1] http://mathias-kettner.com/check_mk_werks.php?werk_id=2937&HTML=yes
>On 14/10/16 23:28, ml...@libero.it wrote:
>> Mathieu
>> thank you for the reply but i still have some doubts.
>> You say that you use local checks for simpler things and MRPE for Nagios
>> plugins and big/complex checks taken on Nagios Exchange.
>> Ok but now questions are:
>> 1)Reading the documentation, I understand that you can use any kind of
>> Nagios plugins (simple or complex) even using local checks. Reading your
>> reply instead it seems that some checks cannot be executed using local
>> checks. Is it just a choise or you were forced to use MRPE? Could you
>> please clarify?
>> 2) You say that another advantage of the MRPE system is that it uses a
>> centralized config but again, the documentation doesn't say that you can
>> use a centralized configuration but speak about /etc/check_mk/mrpe.cfg
>> on every single node. The doc even provides an example:
>> /etc/check_mk/mrpe.cfg
>> LOAD      /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_load -w 2 -c 5
>> FS_var    /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_disk /var
>> FS_hirn   /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_disk /hirn
>> Aptitude  /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_apt
>> Smart_sda /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_ide_smart -d /dev/sda -n
>> in which the parameters are local and not "central".
>> Could you please give me some more informations and, if possible, an
>> example or screenshot?
>> Best
>> Marco
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>>     A: <checkmk-en@lists.mathias-kettner.de>
>>     Ogg: Re: [Check_mk (english)] difference between local checks and MRPE
>>     Aside from that advantage that Robert mentioned, I think the MRPE's
>>     intention isn't to compete with the local checks but instead to make
>>     the Nagios plugins (NRPE) easier to integrate into check_mk.  That's
>>     what I use it for.  I have local checks for things I wrote (mostly
>>     simpler things), I use MRPE for the Nagios plugins brought over from
>>     when we were using Icinga, and big/complex checks that I look for on
>>     the Nagios Exchange and places like that.
>>     I suppose another advantage of the MRPE system is that it uses a
>>     centralized config for the host being monitored
>>     (/etc/check_mk/mrpe.cfg) where one configures the plugins along with
>>     the parameters for those plugins.  
>>     As an aside, I modified the check_mk_agent script slightly so that
>>     it also looks at config files within /etc/check_mk/mrpe.d (similar
>>     to how the sudoers.d works); this made it a little bit cleaner and
>>     easier to integrate with configuration management automation (eg.
>>     /etc/check_mk/mrpe.d/check_postgres.cfg for only some hosts that
>>     have Postgres, a general /etc/check_mk/mrpe.cfg for every host for
>>     general checks).
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>>     Thanks Robert I didn't know that. So...is correct to say that "local
>>     checks" is
>>     the preferred method over MRPE? Or are there special case in which
>>     MRPE is
>>     still better?
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>>     >Ogg: Re: [Check_mk (english)] difference between local checks and MRPE
>>     >
>>     >On 14.10.2016 14:00, 
>>     >
>>     >> apart the fact that they use a different mechanism, is there any 
>>     >> reason or case for which I should use one of them?
>>     >
>>     >Local checks can be placed in numeric subdirectories. This way they 
>>     >run asynchronously which is not possible with MRPE.
>>     >
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