Hi Frank,

nice documentation.
But i do not get any messages.
I tried "Maximal age of newest file" with a warning older than 1 mins but it 
still shows "ok" with "age_newest is 19 hours".
Then I tried "Maximal file count" warning and critical above 0 but it stills 
shows "ok" with "count is 48".

In the check_mk.ini I set "path = E:\prod\*.* and my file group pattern is 

Any ideas about that?

Best Regards.

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Hi Jam,

That's what I documented a while ago. Feel free to send me your  comments.
Filesystem Checks
File Count
To monitor the count of files in a directory do the following:
Select "Parameters for discovered Services" in "Host and Service Parameters" 
then "File Grouping Patterns" in "Storage, File system and Files". Select the 
folder from the pull down menu at the bottom and then select "Create Rule in 
Folder". In the pane "Value" give the Group a meaningful unique name and file 
the "Include Pattern" or even "Exclude Pattern" field.
Patterns with * or ? like
could be used.
Furthermore, the current time/date in a configurable format may be included in 
the pattern. The syntax is as follows: $DATE:format-spec$, where format-spec is 
a list of time format directives of the unix date command. Example: 
$DATE:%Y%m%d$ is todays date, e.g. 20140127. A pattern of 
/var/tmp/backups/$DATE:%Y%m%d$.txt would search for .txt files with todays date 
as name in the directory /var/tmp/backups. Select Save at the bottom of the 
page to save the Group.
Select "Manual Checks" then "Size, age and count of file groups" in WATO. 
Choose a folder from the pull down menu at the bottom of the page and select 
"Create Rule in Folder".
In the "Parameters" pane type the former created Groupname in the field "**File 
Group Name" and select the options of the parameters.

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On 10/17/2016 8:27 AM, Kammerer, Nils wrote:
Hi all,

is it possible to check if a folder is empty with check_mk?

Something like, if a folder contains one file there will be a WARN, if it 
contains two files there will be a CRIT message.

Best Regards Nils


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