The mk_logwatch plugin and example logwatch.cfg are available in 1.2.8p14CRE (same as earlier versions) on the
Wato - Configuration -> Monitoring Agents
page. I know there used to be an RPM for logwatch, but that may have been dropped.

I don't use the Enterprise version so I don't know if you can 'bake' the logwatch plugin into an agent RPM.

On 12/01/2016 02:54 PM, Evy Bongers wrote:
Hi Tatiano,

On 30/11/16 13:44, Ferreira De Barros, Tatiano (London) wrote:
Git repository for check_mk does not contain rpm package mk_logwatch, is
this no longer supported?

Are there any available repository that contains supported rpm package
for mk_logwatch ?

Agent version 1.2.8p10 Linux
I can't say for sure for this version, as I'm still on 1.2.6, but if
you're the official version from, then you should be
able to download the mk_logwatch plugin from the 'agents' section in
WATO, if it doesn't install with the rpm by default.


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