Any idea about that?

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>Hi Arno
>thanks for your kind reply, but I still have a doubt:
>siteA (check_mkA1)----->check all devices in siteA
>siteB (check_mkB1)----->check all devices in siteB
>siteC (check_mkC1)----->check all devices in siteC
>siteD (check_mkD1)----->check all devices in siteD
>Accordingly to your explanation, if I have correctly understood, I could 
>"elect" one of the instance as master disabling logins on the other 
>Assuming to chose check_mkA1 as master, it would do checks (as a normal 
>instance) + the master role for centralized login.
>Supposing that this instance completely fails and that is not possibile to 
>repair/restore in any way, would be easy to configure the master role on 
>another instance? And what about devices that it was actively monitoring?
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>Distributed    Setup&quot; architecture
>>Morning Marco,
>>What you want is really default behavior of the multisite setup, so it 
>me think you didn't google this thoroughly.
>>You should be able to find this info easily.
>>Answer A:
>>- You can connect to each site and see devices that are being polled by 
>>- You can also setup Multisite so you can login to just one 'main instance' 
>with webserver and view all devices.
>>For what you want the 'login to just one webserver' sounds best IMO.
>>You can disable the logins on the other instances and use user rights and 
>user views to show users the devices they need to see on the main instance.
>>This way, everyone can use the same URL to access the website.
>>I can't answer question B.
>>OMD / Check_MK 1.2.8.p10 on CentOS 6
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>>No one have idea about how distributed setup does work?
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>>>Ogg: [Check_mk (english)] Info request about possibile &quot;Distributed     
>>Setup&quot; architecture
>>>Hi all
>>>Is not very clear to me how distributed setup works with check_mk I'm 
>>>going to install a check_mk instance for each remote site so that
>>>will be monitored directly be their
>>>local instances. Very simple:
>>>siteA----->check all devices in siteA
>>>siteB----->check all devices in siteB
>>>What I need is to have a central dashboard so that users can see ALL 
>>>a) Where users will connect? Direclty to each site or is it necessary 
>>>to create a third node acting as a central dashboard?
>>>b) In my knowledge, check_mk provides HA only with the hardware appliance. 
>>>Would be possibile to do something like that?
>>>siteA(check_mkA1)----->check all devices in siteA 
>>>siteA(check_mkA2)----->check all devices in siteA 
>>>siteB(check_mkB1----->check all devices in siteB 
>>>siteB(check_mkB2----->check all devices in siteB
>>>To sum up I would like to create two instances for each site and 
>>>manually balance devices between them so that, in case (for example) 
>>>check_mkA1 fails, I could assign devices to
>>>Is possibile?
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