You can try this:

Host & Service Parameters --> Active checks --> Check HTTP service
Create your rule here (change the port to 25), and attach it to a (dummy) host.

Arno Wijnhoven

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Subject: [Check_mk (english)] Checking X509 certificate for postfix


We would check validity for x509 certificate for postfix and alert us a few 
days ( 30 or 60 days for example) before expiration.

 From OMD server (debian Jessie with ssl-cert-check package installed)), we use 
this command :
# ssl-cert-check -s <DNS name or IP address> -p 25

and output is :

Host                                            Status Expires      Days
----------------------------------------------- ------------
------------ ----
<DNS name or IP address>:25 Valid        May 21 2018  493

Is there a way to include this in OMD/Check_mk (1.2.8p15) ?

Thanks in Advance.

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