Mario Garcia Ortiz [13.01.2017 17:05]:
> Hello
> is SAP HANA compatible with the check_mk SAP plugin? or is SAP R/3 something 
> else?

R/3 is something else :). R/3 is the traditional name for the business
application server made by SAP. SAP HANA is a database.

The check_mk SAP module connects to an SAP application server. Inside
this application server (in the so-called CCMS) there are several values
to monitor, from the application server and from the database under this

If you want to monitor SAP HANA as a standalone installation, this can't
be done with the SAP plugin. If you want to monitor it as a base under
any SAP Application Server ABAP (NetWeaver ABAP), you can use this
module when you direct it to the application server, not to the database

HTH, Werner


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