I'm running 1.4.0p5.cre with a Nagios core on Debian 8.

I noticed that archiving more than a couple of events reliably crashes the 
Nagios core.

It's most visible, when I try to archive several hundreds of events at once: 
This results in an error "32 Broken pipe" in the frontend. The Nagios core is 
gone ("nagios: stopped") without any message in the logfiles.

With ~20 to ~100 events, no error is visible in the frontend, but still the 
Nagios core is gone afterwards.

With less than 20 events, archiving seems to work without crash.

The problem doesn't seem to depend on the exact number of events, it's probably 
more some kind of buffer overflow.

To reproduce: Select a couple of dozen events from an event listing (e.g. 
"ec_event") an then "Archive Event".

These are my first steps with the EC, so I can't tell if this problem did exist 
in previous versions.

Best regards,
    Gregor Hoffleit

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