It is also possible to set it up with an inetd. 

To do this, install xinetd (using brew for example). 
Copy the osx agent from $OMD_ROOT/share/check_mk/agents and install it in 
/usr/bin. Copy the sample xinetd config from 
$OMD_ROOT/share/check_mk/agents/cfg_examples and install it in /etc/xinetd.d.



On 2 August 2017 23:11:05 CEST, "Andreas Döhler" <> 
>Hi Charles,
>i think the easiest way would be to call the agent with ssh.
>The concept of datasource programs and ssh is described in this page
>It is a little bit old as the settings are all done inside WATO with an
>actual version of check_mk. Can be found under - WATO - Host & Service
>parameter - Datasource Programs - Individual Program call instead of
>The command line inside this rule should look like "ssh -l root -i
>~/.ssh/check_mk.key <IP>"
>If you have no root enabled on your Mac you need to use some other user
>this machine for the public key auth.
>In the end there must be a setup of ssh keys to call the agent on the
>target host.
>Charles Payne <> schrieb am Mi., 2. Aug. 2017
>22:43 Uhr:
>> Hi,
>> I sent several hours looking for the "How to" use the mac os agent. I
>> six mac mini that I am monitor with snmp, but I like to use the
>> How can I install the agent?
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