I'm the author of an Android app which acts as agent for Android devices. (
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mrm.marco.probeomd )

Actually, check_mk server can query android devices only when they are on
the same local network(or VPN).

I'm thinking about how to allow check_mk server to interact with android
devices when they're not on the same network. The main problem is that the
connection is established by check_mk server, not by the agent (in that
case, it would be sufficient to know the public IP of check_mk server and
add few rules on firewall).

Some possible strategies:
- establish a VPN connection between androdi device and check_mk server. It
requires a VPN connection always available, lot of configurations..
- use SNMP traps in order to send data from android device to check_mk
server, but it requires lot of efforts (actually I'm providing a check_mk
agent, not an SNMP agent)

Have any suggestion about how to  overcome this problem.

Thanks for your support,
Marco Ribero
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