Hi again, unfortunately notification period for services handles errors after 
"non-notification" period expires

Is it possible to instruct check_mk to ignore/disable errors in log files (not 
to send notifications) if they appear in some timeframe ?

Od: Dragan Vucanovic
Poslato: 2. avgust 2017. 7:20:27
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Tema: Re: check_mk recurring downtime maintenance

Unfortunately this script don't work, i found a cause for 401 error, we are 
using basic authentication so i set password instead of secret, now i got 
lengthy output, without errors, but still server is not in downtime mode, i 
found a workaround:created new timeperiod (excluded time when server need to be 
in maintenace) ,created new notification rule for services and seems it's 

Thanks Matthew and Andreas for your valuable help

Od: matthew.st...@us.fujitsu.com <matthew.st...@us.fujitsu.com>
Poslato: 1. avgust 2017. 21:21:22
Za: Dragan Vucanovic; checkmk-en@lists.mathias-kettner.de
Tema: RE: check_mk recurring downtime maintenance

Try this:


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i'm trying to create a script to put servers in downtime,  check_mk already 
have python script called downtime,

i created automated user, copied script to omd/sites/check_mk folder, but when 
run it under omd site users i first get prompted to enter omd username/password 
and nothing happens

  -v, --verbose    Show what's going on (specify twice for more verbose output)
  -s, --set        Set downtime (this is the default and thus optional)
  -r, --remove     Remove all downtimes from that host/service
  -c, --comment    Comment for the downtime (otherwise "Automatic downtime")
  -d, --duration   Duration of the downtime in minutes (default: 120)
  -h, --help       Show this help and exit
  -u, --user       Name of automation user (default: "automation")
  -S, --secret     Automation secret (default: read from user settings)
  -U, --url        Base-URL of Multisite (default: guess local OMD site)
  -a, --all        Include all services when setting/removing host downtime

so i typed ./downtime host -d 1 -V

-d default parameter is accepted (120) although i specifed 1 minute

What i'm doing wrong ?

Mode:          set downtime
Duration:      120m
Host:          hosts
Services:      -d 1
Multisite-URL: http://localhost/site/check_mk/
User:          automation
Secret:        mysecret
Enter username for OMD Monitoring at localhost: user
Enter password for omdadmin in OMD Monitoring at localhost:
 --> Got 141 lines of response
 --> Got 141 lines of response

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