We are trying to monitor ESX hardware (Storage port, Disk Fault, Power
Failure)  using check_ilo2_health plugin by following below link


We are receiving below error while running the command

[root@s930l3301 tmp]# ./check_ilo2_health.pl -H s930e0130.rwe.com -u
testusr -p testusr123 -t 60

ILO2_HEALTH UNKNOWN - ERROR: No parseable output.

[root@s930l3301 tmp]#

*Verbose output:*

[root@s930l3301 tmp]# ./check_ilo2_health.pl -H s930e0130.rwe.com -u
testusr -p testusr123 -3 -v

hostname is s930l3301

retry: 0

sending ilo3

size 197

POST /ribcl HTTP/1.1

HOST: s930e0130.rwe.com

TE: chunked

Connection: Close

Content-length: 197

size 197

Head: HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request

Head: Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2017 19:29:32 GMT

Head: Connection: close

Head: Content-Type: text; charset=plain

Head: X-Frame-Options: DENY

Head: Content-Length: 0


Use of uninitialized value $ln in length at ./check_ilo2_health.pl line 893.

read_chunked_reply: read a zero-length line. Continue...

ILO2_HEALTH UNKNOWN - ERROR: No parseable output.

[root@s930l3301 tmp]#

Kindly help us on resolving the above error messages.

Please let me know if there is another way to monitor hardware monitoring
of ESXi server.

Thank You.


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