Hello all,

I'd like to override the behaviour of the host site selection in WATO. The two 
issues I have with the current behaviour are:

1)      I never want a local site. I'd like a random slave site (or the one 
with the fewest hosts/services). Various people create new hosts and I don't 
want to burden them with the logic.

2)      If you do not explicitly select the default value (i.e. by clicking the 
checkbox and selecting a value in the dropdown), the choice is not persisted to 
the "site" key in the "host_attributes" dictionary in hosts.mk. This means if 
the default changes (e.g. changing the folder's default site), the hosts are 
re-assigned to that site.

Is it even possible to override an existing attribute using the wato plugin 

I tried copying the existing SiteAttribute class and defining a new attribute 
but I could not find a way to pre-select a value such that the site gets set in 
the "host_attributes" dictionary.

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