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Hi Mathias,

I encountered such behaviour as well when I was on an older version of Check_MK.
I used an existing check as base for my custom check back then.

If you didn't rename all functions from your base script properly, there's a 
possibility that some functions exist twice in the precompiled file - this 
won't work well.
Same goes for Python includes if you use those.
So, the single check will work (both from WATO and command line) but the 
regular check will fail.
If this is the case, best have a look at the precompiled <hostname>.py file 
(folder name is 'precompiled', don't know exact location though).

I solved this for me by renaming the functions. In custom scripts, I just put 
my company name in front to make them 100% unique.
    "check_function"        : companyname_check_juniper_bgp_state,
    "inventory_function"    : companyname_inventory_juniper_bgp_state,

Hope this helps!

Arno Wijnhoven

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I added a custom SNMP check to the OMD site into 
After a discovery (with cmk –I) the new check is added to the appropriate hosts 
and with cmk –O I can see the new service check.

But after this, I get a warning at the Check_MK service stating: “Missing agent 
sections: juniper_state - execution time 22.1 sec”.

When I run cmk –nv host I can see the correct output of the new service. 
But in the webview the service is in state “PEND” and no data is shown and I 
get the message “This service is stale, no data has been received within the 
last 1.5 check periods”.

What do I miss here to make my local SNMP check work and display the correct 
information at the web GUI?

Thank you.


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