In services where you would add/remove services, you can do “automatic refresh” 
and this will do what you’re talking about.  I had the same problems with 
switch ports.  We have printers on the network and when they go into power 
savings they go down to 10mbps but then back to 1G after coming out.  I ended 
up disabling alerting on port speeds because of this.  We also only monitor 
port state for datacenter switches which should not have event changes often.

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Date: Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 10:17 AM
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Subject: [Check_mk (english)] For a network switch, I need to remove a service 
and have it rediscovered. How do I do that?

check_mk uses a lot of "fixed" discovered information.  Network switches can be 
very dynamic.  I accept they way check_mk is forced to work, but would love to 
be able to remove the known service found in discovery and have check_mk 
re-discover it so that values are updated correctly for the service.

How can I remove a service so that it will be rediscovered?

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