Hello mailing list,

Here is how I would like to setup check_mk in our office:

   1. Install and run check_mk as a virtual machine running on our proxmox
   cluster.  This check_mk running virtually will monitor all hardware and
   virtual machines in our server room/office.  This check_mk will be my main
   monitoring system.
   2. Install and run check_mk on a Raspberry Pi.  The purpose of this
   check_mk will be to only monitor my proxmox cluster and ensure my main
   check_mk is still running and not turned off due to a problem with my
   3. I want the main check_mk that runs virtually to be my main
   view...this is what I look at primarily for alerts.  I want this virtual
   check_mk to be aware of the raspberry pi and monitor that it is still
   4. I don't want to have to install a database on my Raspberry Pi.  Does
   check_mk require a database?  I've looked at installing OMD on my Raspberry
   Pi as this seems to be the easiest setup.

What would I need to install for each sysetm?  I've heard of multi-site but
i'm unsure if I need to use that in this case?

Any advice in how I should setup my monitoring would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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