The dell_om_disks uses the snmp (bridged from OpenManage) value of arrayDiskName as the key of uniqueness for "Physcial disks"... however that name is not unique across all controllers, thus each controller could have "Physical Disk 0:0:0" for example. The arrayDiskNexusID seems to have the unique values, for example one being '0\\0\\0\\0' vs '1\\0\\0\\0', the first element identifying the "nexus" or in my opinion, controller. Regardless, it's a better "name" for uniqueness, though it probably needs massaging because of the backslashes.

Anyhow, I'd like to change dell_om_disks to use my own instead of the supplied one to test. Then I might submit a fix, and might rename things to match calling it Disk Nexus ID 0:0:0:0, or something like that rather than Physical Disk 0:0:0 (noting that string is actually contained in the MIB returned value) when using the bad arrayDiskName.

So what's the prescribed best way to override with my own check?

btw, I didn't actually check to see if the latest dell_om_disks does the right thing, but pretty sure it doesn't.
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