> Yes you can configure it there but the default settings working normally
Meanwhile I've found that ~<omdsite>/etc/nagios/nagios.cfg is a better
appropriate place

> without problem also on my bigger systems.
You mean no limit to "max_concurrent_checks"?

> The strange behavior on your system is that all checks are triggered at the
> same time at 0:00.
Yes, really weird, I've double checked yesterday archived nagios log
file. *all* checks (2642 hosts) have been triggered in the exact same
time, immediately after log rotation:

OMD[omdmaster]:~$ grep "^\[1518303600\].*Check_MK Discovery"
~/var/nagios/archive/nagios-02-12-2018-00.log | wc -l
OMD[omdmaster]:~$ date --rfc-3339=seconds -d@1518303600
2018-02-11 00:00:00+01:00

> One Test i would do is search for all services with the same name "Check_MK
> Discovery" and then issue the manual reschedule command for all over a given
> timeperiod of 60 minutes or so.
> Command Menu -> Various Commands -> Reschedule active checks -> 60 min and
> go
> Now you should see all the discovery checks spread over 60 minutes and from
> now on this should stay the same.
I remember already having done this several time, but I'm going to try again.
I've commented out my "max_concurrent_checks" setting and done a "cmk
-R" to restart without that setting

>If you see again at midnight all checks at
> the same time
I'll check tomorrow, stay tuned

>then there is another problem inside your installation.
> Something like the core makes an restart at 0:00 and forgets all the planned
> states or forgets the old state.
That would surprise me : this is a completely fresh new installation
of check-mk-raw-1.4.0p22-el6-69.x86_64, not an upgrade.
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