My two cents.

Website performance monitoring is best done with a tool designed for that. 
Something like dynatrace, uptrends etc. For a number of reasons;

Uses a real browser
Better analytics/data of each object and request
Tests executed from outside your firewall

Of course these things come at a price, so depending on how much $$ you have to 
spend will influence the decision.

> On Feb 14, 2018, at 20:55, Adam Chesterton <> wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> My management wants to start monitoring how long it takes to perform a couple 
> of actions on a website. 
> EG:
> - Log in to site
> - Go to specific page
> - Submit HTML form and look for X in the returned data
> I know I can do a single step, by using either HTML Form Submit or just as 
> part of the HTTP Service check, but I cannot see a way within CMK to run the 
> whole set of steps together and check the overall response time. I've spent 
> some time researching, but most of the tools I come up with in this area are 
> geared towards load-testing (EG: Locust), which is not exactly what I'm 
> after.  
> I would really like to hear what other people are using to check a website 
> process/sequence, and how you're integrating it into CMK (if at all).
> Regards,
> Adam Chesterton
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