Hi all,
I've a strange problem with the feature in subject.... I'm not able to
ignore some sensors from output, probably I'm doing something wrong but I
can't be able to find a solution.
I've 4 iBMC that reply with 135 sensors, I want to ignore 2 of them:

83  | ACPI State       | System ACPI Power State             | N/A        |
N/A         | 'S0/G0'
86  | SysRestart       | System Boot Initiated               | N/A        |
N/A         | 'System Restart'

Looking on docs I've found that now I can ignore it simply using wato, so
I've tried adding this rule under " Discovery of IPMI sensors
Ignore the following IPMI Sensors:
System_ACPI_Power_State_ACPI_State, SysRestart, ACPI State, ACPI_Power_State

But none of them seems to have effect, can you help me with the correct
I've tried doing a full scan or an automatic refresh but sensors are still

Thank you very much!

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