Hi, I want to monitor the availability of several web services
available on my network, but as seen from outside my network.

I want to do this using an external open http relay.  Since these can
be transient, I'd like to use *several* relays (with various IPs
and various TCP ports) and then use some business intelligence to
aggregate away the transience of the individual relays.

As a test, I chose one particular relay and set up one rule per web
service. Each rule mentions several identical attributes relating
my own site (e.g. virtual hostname, use SSL), several identical
attributes relating to the relay (e.g. port=3128, http method) and
only two attributes that vary (i.e. URI to fetch, string I expect in
the returned webpage).

Already it would be nice to use some sort of rule inheritance here:
I'd like to define a rule template and then define multiple web services
that inherit from that template and, for each web service, specify
*only* the URI and the text string specific to that web service.

But then it gets worse because, as mentioned, these relays are
transient and I want to use *several* of them and then use BI
aggregation to get one single result. So I'd like to define a host template
(that somehow checks *all* webservices) and then define multiple relay
hosts that inherit from that template and, for each relay, 
specify *only* the relay's IP and TCP port.

Actually, this second kind of inheritance I've fudged: I've created a
rule folder called 'proxies' and added one entry per webservice in it.
The hosts that are then added to this folder do the checks, but the
relay's port number is not relay-specific. Since a picture paints a
thousand words:  https://imagebin.ca/v/3sG7GwVmpwQB.

So now to my question:

Is what I've already done correct? 

How do I extend it to support varying the relay-specific TCP ports?

How/where do I define service templates and how/where do I specify
that I want to inherit from them?

I'm using Raw 1.4.0pl24 on Ubuntu 16.04. All the config I've done
so far has been done via the web WATO, but I'm happy to edit
config files if necessary.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer!

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