Q: How can I add graphs for these local checks?
A: Use the performance data field.  Instead of “-“ use "field1=123|field2=321" 
to graph field1 and field2

Q: Why does this web checkMK manual page explain the right output format down 
to the last detail, including the performance data, and checkMK cannot graph 
those values? It is a non-ense, isn't it?
A: It is very picky and important to follow the format down to the last detail 
or check_mk will not understand it.  You absolutely can graph with the 
performance field.  Not non sense at all!

I have developed over 200 local scripts in our environment that utilize this 
format.  It is very light weight compared to writing a native plugin/check.  I 
am happy to provide input on this because there is a learning curve.

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