Folks -

I have a critical issue with our production monitoring system and unfortunately 
I have no idea what is going on. This may be a Nagios / OMD issue - I really 
don't know. I'm hoping someone can help. We're running OMD 1.30 with Check_MK 
multisite as the front end. We have made no changes to our configuration or 
system setup since mid-February. This install has been in place and running 
fine for over a year so it is not a new configuration.

This morning around 9am all of the checks for all hosts went stale. I've 
restarted the system and even rebooted the host, but it appears that Nagios is 
not scheduling any checks. All of the check times are stale and the cpu load is 
non-existent - as if nothing is running at all except for the website itself. I 
can't find anything in the system log, secure log, Nagios log ... nothing.

If I manually reschedule an immediate check_mk update of a host in the web gui, 
everything updates fine and updates but then after 60 seconds (the normal 
Nagios check interval) everything goes stale again.

Any ideas?


- Asher

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