Hi Gerardo,

This check is meant to notify you is there are services that could be checked, 
but haven't been added to the inventory.
To have this check go OK again, either run a new inventory for this host, or 
create ignore rules tor these services.

Regards, Evy 

On 10 March 2018 21:57:07 CET, Gerardo Ferreyra <raptor...@gmail.com> wrote:
>Hi guys, is this a bug?
>CMK EE 1.4.0p25
>WARN Check_MK Discovery
>60 unmonitored services (dell_poweredge_temp:4,
>dell_poweredge_status:1, dell_poweredge_pci:28, dell_poweredge_mem:16,
>dell_poweredge_amperage.power:1, if64:1, dell_idrac_disks:2,
>dell_poweredge_cpu:2, dell_idrac_virtdisks:1)*WARN*, no vanished
>Along this check, i have the 60 "OK" services discovered.
>This just, never goes.
>Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
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