Jason Townsend <jtown...@jhmi.edu> schrieb am Mo., 12. März 2018 um
18:10 Uhr:

> Hi -
> So I tried the two commands below and both got a systemctl: command not
> found.
> The version of Linux this box is running is 12.04.5 LTS if that affects
> anything.

12.04 is using Upstart - i don't know if there are any special things to do

> I am still unclear how you are supposed to uninstall the 1.4.0p26 so that
> I can install the 1.2.8p27.
> Here is what I've done:
> rm -f /usr/bin/check_mk_agent
> rm -f /usr/bin/waitmax
> rm -f /etc/xinetd.d/check_mk
> Why removing the files by hand? If you want to remove an "apt-get remove
<package-name>" should be enough.

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